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methods of abortion throughout history
Abortion is inevitable.

Abortion has always existed. Throughout history, in nearly every community, across every region, people have found ways to induce abortion.

Long before modern medication and surgical abortions were safe, legal options, n
etworks of people facilitated abortions within their communities using what was available to them at the time. 

From teas and tinctures to gunpowder and leeches, abortifacients and other methods of abortion have varied widely over the past few-thousand years -- especially in terms of efficacy and safety.

Sometimes effective, often dangerous, and routinely deadly, early methods of abortion demonstrate the lengths people will go and the risks they're wiling to take to attempt or induce abortion. And safe, legal abortion notwithstanding, people will continue to find ways. 

Because abortion is inevitable. 
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The Inevitable Project examines the history of various methods of self-induced abortion from around the world and invites viewers to reflect on the inevitability of abortion. Further, The Inevitable Project encourages viewers to appreciate the safer, less invasive, more effective methods of abortion available to people in a modern context.

To learn more about the origins and usage of each abortion method, hover over or tap the images.
The Inevitable Project is for educational purposes only. Many methods of self-induced abortion throughout history were extremely dangerous and resulted in injury and death. Do not attempt to self-induce abortion using any of the methods listed below.